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How do you POWER up your NLP skills so you are setting the GOLD STANDARD in coaching, in training, in your own business?


Now you have done your training. 

How are you going to take your NLP to the next level?

How do you know when are you ready to start getting clients?

 And how do you get them?

What resources are available to you now you are an NLP graduate? How do you keep learning from the great Masters of NLP – what is available for tiny investments of time and money?

Want to take your new learnings and exponentially multiply what you are achieving in your current field?

Are you asking yourself…

How can I translate my new NLP knowledge into my life?

How can I optimise my current

field of work?

Am I going to change career?

What are the steps to set up a clinic?

​​How can I keep building

my NLP skills?

Are you asking yourself…

What ongoing support

do I have access to?

​​Should I join a practice group and where is one near me?

What is the best way to stay in touch with other NLPers?

​​What resources are now

 available to me?

There are lots of people who invest in a course,  yet when they get back home their excitement slowly fades and they go back to their old habits.Be one of the ones who takes YOUR  NLP to the Next level.

When: Sunday, Aug 4, 07:00 PM London (GMT+1)Where: OnlineHow: Using the ZOOM platformRequirements: Mic and Webcam

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Jump on this FREE live interactive Zoom call to ask your questions and get ready to leverage the resources available to you.  Learn from people who have been where you are today and learned from the mistakes most people make in setting up their coaching businesses.


There are lots of people who invest in a course,  yet when they get back home their excitement slowly fades and they go back to their old habits…

Mostly, this is because they don’t know HOW to integrate their new learnings into THEIR lives or their businesses. Plus they have little or no support from other, more experienced NLPers

Happily, there are tried and trusted ways to add fuel to the fire and keep your rocket flying high, taking action and integrating your new knowledge into your life, changing it for the much better. For you, your family, your career, and your world so you are not one of those who make that mistake. 

Don’t settle for being a loser! Be one of the WINNERS!

The ONLINE Event starts in

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