About us

I (Patrik Jonas) have created NLP Playground as a support platform for The Number One Cyberspace NLP Practice Space (Laura Spicer, Kate Benson, Joy Angelthorn), which has provided great online NLP Masterclasses and online NLP Practicing sessions since 2018. At the moment, The Number One Cyberspace NLP Practice group takes a break, but NLP Playground doesn’t. It hosts personal development and voice online courses (there is still a great deal of content not publicly visible) and looks for new content creators who would like to collaborate in further site content development. It might be even you. In case you are interested in collaboration or have content you would like to sell online, please contact me at patrik (at) nlpplayground.com

From left to right: Joy Angelthorn (Licensed NLP Trainer and Licensed NLP Coaching Trainer), Patrik Jonas (NLP Playground developer, Master Practitioner of NLP), Laura Spicer (Director of Sound Practice for the Society of NLP, NLP Trainer consultant and coach), Kate Benson (International Director of Education for the Society of NLP and Master Trainer,  co-author with Dr Bandler of their book Teaching Excellence the definitive guide to NLP for teaching and learning).


The Number One NLP Cyber Practice Space team in action

 (Cophtorne Tara, London 2019)