How do you continue doing better?
LicenSed NLPers of all levels of experience welcome.
Have fun, learn, optimise your skills.

the best way to improve your skills: pRACTICE!

NOTE: We are taking a break now - bookings closed till the end of 2020.

In case you are interested in practising NLP ONLINE under supervision of experienced licensed trainer please fill in the form below. We will contact you when we open bookings for the service again.

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    To make sure we are up to date and giving you only the best advice and support. You need to be a licensed NLP Practitioner or above to attend.  

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    Our members consist of people at every level of experience. You get support from trainers and peers, constructive feedback, and a place to ask questions and share your subjective experience to help others. The perfect recipe for your ongoing improvements
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    Once you have qualified, the best way to keep improving your NLP skills is by continued practice with other Licensed NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and Trainers.
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    All that we offer is available for you to attend from your own comfy chair – no parking, hotels or expensive seminar fees to worry about.  We like easy and fun and very very useful!
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    We think that it is really important to practice; so we keep our prices incredibly affordable. When you subscribe to 6 or 12 practice classes; we give you massive discounts on Masterclasses as well as other courses.

Who is it



Licensed Practitioners of NLP

Licensed Master Practitioners of NLP

Licensed Trainers of NLP



Every first Tuesday in the month and/or following Sunday

(you can attend both for one fee)

you get To
have fun, play and improve your
 NLP skills

Be ahead of the competition.

One session is 120 minutes 

Online interactive practising

 with top notch professionals

Exercises are set by our trainers,

and you are moved into a breakout room

to work with one or two others.

Just like seminar learning

When you are brought back 

after doing the exercise for a set time,

everyone can share their experiences,

discoveries and compare notes

With a 5 minute pause mid-way through the session


 Approximately 120 min

With a pause about 5 minutes

mid way through the session


Once a month 

Online event,

 using the ZOOM platform



Licensed  Practitioner of NLP

 or above can attend

Decent wifi connection.

Webcam and microphone.

who are we?

Joy Angelthorn

Qualified NLP trainer, coach and assistant on many of Dr Richard Bandler’s courses including most of his  UK Shamanic courses  held by META

Joy is also a Licensed Coaching NLP Trainer.

Joy has been involved with the Society of NLP since the late 90s. 

Kate Benson

 International Director of Education

 for the Society of NLP and Master Trainer. Works closely with Dr Richard Bandler in taking the field of NLP into teaching and learning. Kate runs META which organises leading edge NLP trainings around the world. She is the co- author with Dr Bandler of their book Teaching Excellence the definitive guide to NLP for teaching and learning.

Laura Spicer

Director of Sound Practice for the Society of NLP.  Specialises in how you can improve your results through using your voice more skilfully.   Laura is a Master Practitioner, NLP consultant, trainer and coach.  She also works closely with Dr. Bandler who is a regular pop-in visitor to our Practice group as well as one of our Masterclass Trainers.

 i want to:

  • Have fun practicing NLP
  • Play with other NLPers
  • Get in touch with others
  • Get the opportunity to meet TOP NLP trainers 
  • Keep my skills fresh
  • Keep improving
  • Stay up to date

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