How To 

Get More Amazing Results Using NLP when You


Sorry, this Masterclass is over now.

"Even on the best NLP and hypnosis courses, 
you rarely, if ever, get much training on
the secrets of how to use your voice elegantly".

Most people learn loads about WHAT to say.
They spend months and years
and thousands of £££ or $$$ training
and studying language patterns.
They learn the ways to frame what they say
so their clients accept suggestions
and make the desired shifts.

But what they don’t pay enough attention to is

the WAY they "package" those suggestions
in the tonality that makes them

In fact, the skills you can learn in this Masterclass,
in just two hours make it so simple to create

Complete Trust
 so your clients can really relax  and allow the suggestions in deep

Rapport without the need for mirroring and matching body language 

And make it easy to install the best, most resourceful states, seamlessly.

Just imagine that you could:

Halve the time it takes to get great results.
Double the intensity of your client’s satisfaction.

If you want to  learn the secrets of how to guide your clients
kinaesthetic responses absolutely
unconsciously and powerfully... 
then join us for two hours of fun and learning.

About The Event

 In this 2 hour masterclass you will learn some key voice skills so you can use your voice on purpose and increase effectiveness in every interaction, especially in your client work and hypnosis sessions.

It is going to be playful, fun, and Practicable

 (with a capital P!) and very USEFUL

All Live, Interactive, Online.

 With breakout rooms for exercises.


Talk to Laura, ask your questions direct,

 learn and connect with other NLPers.  

How To Get More Amazing Results Using NLP when You Tune Up Your Tonality!


Date: 17th November,  2019

Time: 3:00 PM London time 

Where: ONLINE, using ZOOM

Duration: Approx 2 hours


You need to be Licensed Practitioner

 of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

or above to attend

Webcam and microphone

 (headphones highly recommended)

A device bigger than a smartphone

About Laura Spicer

For the last 35 years Laura Spicer has been training business executives, groups and individuals in how to create more impact and use  their voice  more expressively.

25 years ago, Laura added NLP to her mix of skills and incorporated accelerated learning techniques and NLP tools into her trainings and clinic work. She is a Consultant, Master Practitioner and Trainer and she continues to work closely and regularly with the co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler.

Although she specialises in all things to do with voice (she is known world-wide for her work in getting stammerers to become fluent using the Spicer Method)  she helps people get through and out the other side of every problem and difficulty imaginable.

Fears, phobias, addictions, habits, depression, OCD are just some of the problems that have found their way to Laura. Her success rate for her clients is  high.

When you work with Laura, expect to laugh and learn; expect to be finding out some of the wonderful things you can do with your voice; expect to be shining from within.



I can definitely recommend that you see Laura Spicer. The one thing Laura does better than anyone else in the world is to help people to stop stammering


Laura, it went incredibly well – it was everything i wanted it to be. Everything I’d asked you to make it. I completely enjoyed myself. Wow! that really worked. Thank you, thank you.


Fabulous day full of laughter and fun as well as ideas that I will be able to use with my private clients, in my trainings and in my personal life.

Still having doubts?

Is this for you?

Let's taste 

Laura's teaching style

(recorded at live seminar a few years ago)

Participant's feedback:

“Once you've got your skills, it's like a lever,
You'll do the same amount of effort,
but get twice the amount of work done. 
Brilliant, really good, I've learnt so much,
 I'm gonna use it everyday from now on.”