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secret revealed… 

How to stay level headed and relaxed during this time of constant change

Fun and playful ONLINE workshop showing IMMEDIATELY USABLE tips, tricks, MIND HACKS and great eye opening games to help you deal with life’s craziness!

During this ONLINE event you will learn 

  •  How to immediately change theway you are feeling at any given moment – Realtime experience
  •  How to laugh on your negative thoughts
  •  How TV news and social media is influencing how we are feeling and how to turn it into being helpful
  •  Hot seat for anyone who has anything specific to deal with
  •  How to let go of the things that no longer serve you and to notice the things that do

It has all gone a bit BONKERS and you might be feeling that you have too!

I am pleased to announce that is not the case!

Find out why.

Processing a lot of things that we have never experienced before. 

And it does not look like it will be settling down soon. 

Firstly, let me say congratulations!

You have coped so far !

What you’ll get from this event

How to deal with TV news

 tv in general and social media is influencing how we are feeling without us realising it. I have been watching very carefully because with this lock down for me. I have been tuning into these things more than I would normally because of dark nights no socialising in person and bad weather and I have noticed my moods being pulled around by what I see and experience through these platforms. It isn’t all bad and in fact can be helpful.

How to deal with negative thinking

 Looking at our thinking and communication patterns and learn how strongly we are influenced by them particularly by the negative thoughts that we have and looking at them from another angle that WILL make you laugh.

How to change the way you are feeling

 Real time experience of how to change the way you are feeling at any given moment. Don’t you think this will be a useful skill to take away with you?

Let go of the things that no longer serve you

A gorgeous guided meditation, teaching your subconscious to let go of the things that no longer serve you and to notice the things that do.

This live online workshop will give you a different and more comfortable perspective on what you are experiencing right now.

 Probably things you haven’t thought about yet.

 Having an understanding of how we are reacting both physically

and physiologically really does help and don’t worry it isn’t all sciencey,

 I will show you in real time what is happening and how to deal with it.

  • You will learn tips, tricks, mind hack and experience in real time how you can change EASILY how you feel in any one moment.

  • We will be playing some saft (for those not from the UK is another term for silly) games that will turn some of your unhelpful thoughts into something else.

  • We can only grow when we step outside of our comfort zone and we are all having to do just that right now.

So, let’s push it in the RIGHT way and come and join me IF YOU DARE to have a giggle about the madness that is life right now.

When, Where, How much?

Sat, 12 December 202019:00 – 23:00 CET





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  This online event has limited amount of seats.

Keeping it together!

Yes, I want to get tools to improve my life right now.

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What my clients are saying:


I have been struggling with severe anxiety since the age of 11. I have been through a countless amount of therapists and psychologists and I can say with a hand on my heart that Lou is by far the best person I’ve ever seen. I had gotten more out of 1 session with Lou than I had gotten in the past 6 years 

LARA  //  Australia

Immediately usable tools…

Every time I speak with Lou I feel uplifted and empowered. She speaks with genuine care and in a relatable way that makes her guidance and advice immediately applicable to your life

Lindsey  //  USA, New York


Any device capable of running the ZOOM application  (PC, MAC, Tablet, Phone etc.).

No prior knowledge of any psychology or NLP nor any preparation is  required.

 This is event for everybody.

  1. 1This is not a webinar, this is interactive event. It’s gonna be fun. You need to have a functional microphone on your device at least. Webcam is strongly recommended. 
  2. 2This event will be held using the ZOOM platform. At some point attendees will be moved to break out rooms to play games and have fun.
  3. 3There will be a break. Because this is 4 hour long event, there will be break to let you rest a bit. 

LOU HENWOOD //  Author

I am a mindfulness therapist and an NLP Master practitioner specialising in helping normal people deal with anxiety and uncertainly.

At the end of the workshop you will be feeling lighter, more playful, optimistic and excited about how your life is going to unfold.

Lou Henwood,

The Singing Zookeeper 

More customer feedback:

Haunted by the past…

I am so lucky to have found Lou via TikTok. She is generous with her time and is passionate about what she does. I am just finishing her Loving Yourself course and have found valuable tools to gently cope with traumatic memories and minimise intrusive negative thoughts. I am so grateful for this course and feel less controlled or feared by my past

K. Childminder  //  USA

In 4 sessions I have gone from bed bound to being able to get up

Recently I was diagnosed with Functional Myoclonus. It’s a neurological condition caused by severe trauma. I was having up to 300 pseudo seizures a day. After two sessions I could walk short distances (without a wheelchair) and feed myself. In 4 sessions I have gone from bed bound to being able to get up for several hours each day, most days. Sometimes I am out of bed 4-6 hours. I mostly sit and paint.  My condition is for life, but with Lou’s help I have managed to learn to control my jerking. My stress levels have dropped through the floor and my insomnia has stopped too. It’s amazing how disabled your brain and trauma can make you, but more amazing that Lou can reach deep inside, help you to recover your own self esteem. She acts as a catalyst for you to reexamine yourself.I don’t just recommend her I say that Lou is so gentle and intuitive she helps to dramatically change your life.

Charlotte Red Pollard, Artist  //  United Kingdom

YES, I want to learn easily applicable, yet powerful tips, tricks, MIND HACKS and other cool tools to help me deal with life’s craziness!

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Yes, I want to get tools to improve my life right now.Click here for tickets

00Days : 22Hours : 36Minutes : 08Seconds

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not have a webcam?

You are not required to have your camera on but using one is highly recommended.

Working microphone is mandatory though.

What if I’m not good with computers?

Don’t worry. No need to… You will be given clear instructions and guidance. It’s gonna be easy. 

Is this just another webinar?

No it is not. This event is interactive. Not just one talking head. You are required to participate and interact with other attendees,  you will be heard and seen. The event will be running on the ZOOM platform.

What I need to participate?

Any computer, tablet or even phone with the ZOOM application. In case you don’t have the (free) application, you will be given instructions how to easily install it on your device.

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