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Dr. Richard Bandler

  • Simple hypnotic induction

I am gonna look at you and we are gonna take a breath together​

so when I breathe in you breathe in and when I breathe out you breathe out:

Breathe in  through you mouth,

hold it


slowly let it out through your nose

OK, one more

[breathing in, holding it]


sloooowly let it out through your nose


 I am gonna look you in the eye 


 I am gonna start relaxing

that’s what I find is very helpful


 as I relax so will you

that’s how it works


the moreI relax

the moreyou relax


this works really good


I’m a pretty relaxed guy

most of the time.

 Every once in a while I get tense,

 but this is not that time.

This is the time to close your eyes,

 let your head go back and just relax


 I’m going to touch your shoulder


go relax.

That’s called tension.

That should go in someone else.

That’s tension, that should go in someone else.

 Now I’m going to lift up your arm like this.

 Now when you guys do this yourself,

since you’re not in the room with the person,

 just tell them to pick up their arm,

 bend their wrist and move forward

with the arm while the wrist is bent.

 So they do this on their own

and it will go stiff and stiff


all the tension goes in that arm


everything else relaxes tension in the arm.

Everything else relaxes and relaxes.

Then I’m going to tell you at the count of three.

I’m going to go 123 and

when I say three,

that arm is going to drop like a rock.

 So will you

You go deep down into a comfortable state feels so good,

 you’ll have no choice.

But to smile,

one a big giant smile, because you’re going to feel really good, two.

 Three, drop!, that’s right

 Now, when you’re in person with a person,

I like to take the arm and give it a little jerk.

 So they can…

But since you can’t do that, just tell them to wiggle a little bit,

relax a little more,

 so that they go deep down into a comfortable place.

And so that they don’t get a pain in their neck,

 tell them to straighten their head out on their shoulders.

 So it’s perfectly balanced.

 Because we’re going to talk about something that’s important.

 We all need a way of contacting and communicating with our unconscious.

It’s with us all the time we do most of what we do unconsciously,

 people walk up and go, hello,

used to be people, we take your hand and shake it.

 Now people go like this–gesture, see elbow bump or the jump back?

 I was in the supermarket the other day.

And this guy asked, I said, Do you have something

 and the guy handed it to me,  I have said, “Thank you very much”

 And when he handed it to me, he held the edge like this.

And like that was going to be cleaner, somehow

 the edge of it like this over

and he said hold your hands out my head like that.

He dropped it.

And I said, double vaccinated?!!

I said, Pfizer got a card that says so

I said we’re supposed to get vaccines and be okay.

It shouldn’t go on forever.

 things should make you giggle when they’re stupid.

Don’t you agree?

I find giggling is a very powerful tool.

 Because you know what, I think the world is

 way too serious. Right?

And the nice thing about giggling is that once you master the art of giggling,

then you can go into your personal life and ask the question,

 What am I just too damn serious about?

You know, those problems that come up from time to time,

 the ones that make you grit your teeth, you know about those?


That thing, those pictures pop into your head and you go

seriously now, I mean, as you know,

that stuff you’re arguing with your wife about,

you know,

 that kind of stuff,

you know, that stuff,

 you go up and you’re that kind of stuff, you think about that stuff, because the next time you think about it,

you’re going to start laughing

And smiling and laughing

 and smiling and laughing,

and sleep!.

That’s right, take a break for a moment.

 Because it feels good to relax and

 to know, your unconscious can learn

to do things in a new way.

 Now, I realize when you break into rooms,

 it’s gonna be a little more difficult.

 But I want you to concentrate not on the technique itself,

but on what makes it work.

The power behind what I’m doing here is called linkage words.

 These are words like and while during, as before, after,


when I say you’re going to look me in the eye,

 you’re going to take a deep breath


 and blow it out your nose.

He’s following my instructions,

and said, and

while you’ll look at me, you’ll be relaxing.

 And the more you relax, the more you will be relaxed.

And as you do, and all of these things that connect together,

you do three things that you can see:

 you’re sitting in the chair,

you’re watching me,

 and you’re breathing in through your mouth.

 So you name a couple things, which are obviously the case.

 And then you start connecting to them.

 So that as you relax deeply,

you’ll begin to smile, or giggle or really giggle.

 And while you’re giggling, you’ll start to have a laughter fit.

 And as you start to laugh, it will get out of control.

And really try to add to good laugh.

And while you’re thinking about serious things,

 you’ll start laughing that will set you free.

 And then you’ll sleep down.

 This is called training training to switch from one state to another.

 This is what hypnosis is about.

Now the first thing we’re going to practice in the exercise,


 I’m going to count the three touches in the forehead,

 you’re going to wake up like a rocket ship

and had this unexplainable sense of well being…

three! Poof!. 

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Dr. Richard Bandler


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Dr. Richard Bandler


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Dr. Richard Bandler


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Dr. Richard Bandler


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Dr. Richard Bandler