One Year Collaborative Coachnig

 Recording of Taster session

Session ONE - April

Audit of how nourished, protected, resilient and supported you are at each level - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Audit of your disconnects and connections
Some transformative questions to pay attention to your ability to relax, have fun, rest and restore.

Session TWO - May

More on transformative questions

Session THREE - Jun

Protection - building your own “garden of Eden’ and setting boundaries
Adjusting any inappropriate placement of people in your life

Session FOUR - July

How you value the things in your life
Collaborating to give attention to how you value and how you feel valued

Voice work - identifying your superpower through your voice

Session FIVE - August

All about Power!
Working in The Grid of (de)Light

Session SIX - September

Making the availability!
We don't know what we don't know! And that's fine!

Session SEVEN - October

Session EIGHT - November

Session NINE - December

Session TEN - January

The camp fire

Session ELEVEN - February

Session TWELVE - Final - March