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who are we?

Kate Benson

 International Director of Education

 for the Society of NLP and Master Trainer. Works closely with Dr Richard Bandler in taking the field of NLP into teaching and learning. Kate runs META which organises leading edge NLP trainings around the world. She is the co-author with Dr Bandler of their book Teaching Excellence the definitive guide to NLP for teaching and learning.

Laura Spicer

Director of Sound Practice

for the Society of NLP.  Specialises in how you can improve your results through using your voice more skilfully.   Laura is a Master Practitioner, NLP Consultant, Trainer and Coach.  She also works closely with Dr. Bandler who is a regular pop-in visitor to our Practice group as well as one of our Masterclass Trainers.

Author of the Voicepower courses for NLP Practitioners

Joy Angelthorn

Qualified NLP trainer, Coach and assistant on many of Dr Richard Bandler’s courses including most of his  UK Shamanic courses  held by META

Joy is also a Licensed Coaching NLP Trainer.

Joy has been involved with the Society of NLP since the late 90s.